Earbits Mobile Groovies

Get Groovies by Supporting Your Favorite Bands

500 Groovies just for registering
100 Groovies for sharing tracks to Facebook or Twitter
New ways to earn Groovies will be added soon!
Use Groovies to unlock unlimited music

Each track you play on-demand uses 10 Groovies (listening to channels doesn’t require Groovies!). In the future, redeem Groovies to earn rewards from your favorite artists. Keep increasing your Lifetime Karma to unlock new features and more. Trust us, you’re going to want lots of Karma and Groovies. Big things coming soon.

Seriously, What Are Groovies All About?

The reason we invented Groovies is simple. Artists deserve to get something for creating the music you love. Most services accomplish this by cluttering up your experience with commercials and ads, or charging you subscription fees.

But aren’t there better ways to give value back to the bands? We think so.

Groovies are a new form of currency that rewards you for supporting our artists. Tell your friends about a new band. Join an artist’s fan page or mailing list. Check in to a live show. These things actually provide incredible value to artists. Now, we’re keeping track and letting artists know how much you support them. In return, they’re giving you access to free music and a whole lot more.

If it sounds revolutionary, that’s because it is. Earbits is the first music service that you pay for by supporting artists. There’s nothing else like it, and it’s going to change the way artists reach new audiences and build their careers. It’s also going to keep your experience free from ads and commercials.

Can I Buy Groovies Instead?

Getting Groovies is all about supporting the artists who make the music you love. If you want to pay artists for their hard work instead, we think that’s pretty slick. We don’t accept cash for Groovies just yet, but email us at groovies@earbits.com to tell us that you’d like to buy them in the future.

Do I Have to Use Groovies to Use Earbits?

Nope. Earbits offers about 300 channels of hand-picked independent music. You can listen to the radio-style channels as much as you want. Blend them together to form your own channels and find channels that other people have built. As long as we’re picking the music, you don’t need Groovies to listen. But, if you want to play a whole album by your favorite Earbits artist, you gotta use some Groovies. That’s how we make sure that artists are getting support for creating the art we love.

Got Comments About Groovies?

Groovies are new, and we can use all the feedback you can muster. Send us an email with your thoughts and ideas about how to make Groovies more amazing. groovies@earbits.com