Earbits Mobile FAQ

What is Earbits Radio?

Earbits Radio is a killer new app for listening to today’s best independent music and connecting with great artists, all without fees or commercials. We offer over 380 channels of high quality, hand-picked independent content, curated by our team of experts. We start by scanning the music on your phone and making great personal recommendations. Then we blend your own locally-stored music into our channels, so that you get your own favorites mixed with our great catalog. If you hear something you like, you can give it a Star and that artist will appear in your Artists section, where you can play their tracks and albums on-demand by spending Groovies. Earn Groovies by recommending songs to friends on Facebook, or by joining bands’ mailing lists. Groovies are a simply way for you to show our bands appreciation for letting us listen to their music free without ads or commercials.

What makes this app cool?

Earbits is the first app to blend your own songs with high quality independent music and provide it all 100% commercial-free. If you hear something you like, you can join the band’s mailing list, share the track with friends and more. You can also change how much of your music or Earbits music we play in each channel under your account settings. There are bios and photos for nearly every band if you just swipe to the left from the player interface. And, listening to Earbits is an incredible way to support independent music.

Why do you need to scan my music?

We scan your music so that we can make personal channel recommendations, and then blend your music into those channels. This makes it simple for you to find music similar to what you already enjoy, and to listen to your favorite music alongside today’s best emerging artists.

Some of my tracks are not showing, what’s up with that?

Some tracks cannot be played on Earbits due to DRM protective technology. If you purchased them from iTunes, you should be able to use the new iTunes to turn them into non-DRM tracks, and then put them back on your device. When you do, we’ll automatically scan them and add them to your Artists area.

Some of my tracks are classified as “Your Music” while others have a genre, why?

This could be for two reasons. The first is that we may not have finished scanning and analysing your music yet. The second is because we may not have been able to identify which genre a particular song belongs in. You may need to add “meta data” to your tracks using your iTunes program. Although, honestly, we don’t know if that will fix it. ;)

Can I download Earbits songs to my phone?

At this time we do not allow downloading of tracks or caching of tracks for offline listening. We plan to offer both of these things in the future. Please stay tuned!

Does Earbits automatically add new tracks I have on my phone?

Yes, the Earbits app will automatically detect new tracks and analyze them to be added to your channels and Artist area.

What does join the mailing list means?

Earbits is all about connecting with new music and the artists that create it. When you’re prompted to join the mailing list, you’ll be joining the artist’s mailing list you’re listening to at that moment. We will pass your email address to them and only them and, with any luck, they’ll add you to their mailing list.

How can I access my favorites?

All of your Earbits favorites, plus the music you have stored on your phone, can be found in the Artists section of the app. You’ll see an Earbits icon next to all of your favorite Earbits artists, and then a Star next to the specific tracks that you previously bookmarked.

Can I use the Earbits app with my remote speakers (airport express)?

Yes. Double click on the main iPhone button, swipe all the way to the right and you’ll find your airport settings.

Is it posting everything I listen to on Facebook?

We are not actively sharing all of the content to Facebook but if people go into your music activity area they may see your Earbits listening history there.

How do I log out?

We didn’t add a logout feature because very few people in our test phase wanted to logout. If you think we need a logout option, please email iphone@earbits.com and let us know. Feel free to share any other feedback you have with us, too!

What does the music discovery scale means? How does it work?

You can use the music discovery slider to change how much of your own music or Earbits music is played in all of your channels. If you’re in a discovery mood, slide it so that you get mostly Earbits music. If you want to hear mostly your own favorites, slide it the other way. We’ll automatically update the ratio you get in your channels. Please note that the behavior may be affected by how much music you own that belongs in the channel you’re listening to.

Can I create a playlist?

We don’t currently offer playlists but we’re definitely planning on adding this feature as soon as we can.

Can I use Earbits offline?

You can use Earbits offline to listen to your own music, and you can even do it by selecting channels. We’ll fill up those channels with all of your own music that fits the genre, but you won’t hear any Earbits music until you’re connected again.

I’m having trouble. Who can I contact?

Please email iphone@earbits.com to get support on the latest iOS releases.