What is Earbits?

Earbits is a marketing platform for music combined with the discovery power of online radio. Instead of using streaming music to sell commercial and ads for unrelated products, we focus solely on marketing the bands, their music, upcoming shows, merchandise, and anything else which helps them turn passionate listeners into their fans and customers. To get a better idea of what Earbits is all about watch this 90 second video.

Are there any commercials or ads on Earbits?

No. On Earbits the songs are the “commercials”. We provide 100% commercial and ad free radio. We believe it makes a lot more sense.

Who is listening to Earbits?

Unlike many other online radio platforms, Earbits is available worldwide on the web and mobile. Every month we stream millions of songs to hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the globe. Our listeners are music fans, engaged in discovering and supporting new music.

Do I have to pay to receive airtime?

Earbits is free, both for listeners and for bands. If an artist is approved for airtime, their music will be added into general rotation.

Why should I put my music on Earbits?

Earbits is home to the kind of audience that is passionate about discovering new music, buying music, going to shows, and supporting bands. Making your music available on Earbits is easy, can generate valuable connections with fans, can be setup in less than 10 minutes.

Does Earbits pay royalties?

Earbits pays publishing royalties through ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. Our artist terms of service provide for a waiver of any additional royalties because we don’t monetize the music with ads or commercials, and instead invest significantly in tools that drive a different kind of value to artists. We believe that the value of fans, mailing list signups and sales we generate for the bands is worth much more than a fraction of a penny paid per spin, and bands have reported earning as much as $0.04 per spin from Earbits airtime by monetizing the fan connections we create.

Can listeners download my music for free?

No. Our listeners can only stream the music on Earbits. We include links to purchase the music on Amazon, iTunes, or any other vendor of your choice.

I was approached by Earbits, how did you hear about me?

We are constantly reaching out to high quality bands. We usually find them by searching reputable festivals, live music venues, and other music online sites.

Can any band get on Earbits?

No. We have a team of music editors who listen to every submission and decide if it’s a fit for airtime. We judge quality only, not taste. We are open to all genres as long as the music is of high quality with high production value and great musicianship.